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DataPath has a Plastic Card Solution! myResourceCard®

Date Published: Wednesday, June 5, 2002

The word is out that DataPath has a Plastic Card Solution. As a result, we have been overwhelmed with calls asking if we really have one and, if so, when will it be available.

The answer is yes, DataPath does have a Plastic Card Solution, and we have already named it: myResourceCard®.  As to when it will be released, here is our projected timetable.

August 14-16, 2002: The 15th Annual Cafeteria Plan Administrators Symposium in Reno, NV

DataPath will demonstrate myResourceCard® and discuss such important topics as:

  • Compliance Issues
  • Adjudicating the Claim
  • Integrity of the Plan Fund
  • Throwing your Pay-and-Chase headaches out the Window
  • Easy Management of Transactions deemed Personal Expenses
  • Simple Web Management Tools for TPA, Employers, and Employees
  • Employees: Accounts Receivables File Tracking for Overpayments / Personal Expenses
  • Cost and Profit Savings for TPAs
  • Sample Contracts

September 24-26: The Annual DataPath Advanced Seminar in Memphis, TN

DataPath will unveil myResourceCard®.

October 1, 2002:

Beta testing of myResourceCard® will begin and should continue for approximately three months. (We will be looking for TPAs who will volunteer to test the Card.)

January 1, 2003:

myResourceCard® will be released in a limited fashion to Employers. (Limited is yet to be defined.)

DataPath is on the forefront of developing new products to meet the changing environment of health care administration. Our newest Card Solution is only one of many in the development stage. So, try to visit with us in Reno, Memphis, or visit us here on our web site to see the latest news. For more information about myResourceCard®, go to

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