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Saturday, May 25, 2024

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Phone: 1 (501) 296-9990
  DataPath, Inc.
  1601 Westpark Dr.
  Suite 9
  Little Rock, AR 72204

inTouch Client Portal

The DataPath Voice

The DataPath Voice is our primary means of mass electronic communication with our clients. Newsletters, alerts and new regulatory information are sent to our clients from the DataPath Voice. Individual client contacts have the option to choose which communications they receive from the DataPath Voice.

DataPath occasionally will send out Alerts to inform clients of a particular event, system change, update, or any other item which requires attention. Depending on the subject of the Alert, the email may be sent to either all DataPath clients or a particular group of clients who will be affected by the issue which the Alert is addressing.

Each month, DataPath releases a Newsletter highlighting certain regulatory changes, industry studies and other articles that may be of interest to people in the Consumer Directed Healthcare market.

Regulatory Info
DataPath's Soundbytes is a regulatory blog written by the DataPath Voice providing updates and links to new IRS Rulings, documents, notices and more.