Workers Compensation Debit Card

Indemnity payments account for approximately 40 percent of claim costs. With injury severity on the rise and duration of recovery getting longer, the costs of workers’ compensation continues to rise.

What’s more, American workers are becoming more mobile and may not have access to their home banks. An estimated 25 million workers are unbanked or underbanked. Payers need a way to ensure that injured workers get their funds in a timely manner while keeping costs under control.

DataPath’s RenewCard is a bank-neutral payment solution that delivers payments quickly and cuts down on excessive costs due to fraud, escheatment, overhead, and other fees. Payers set a payment schedule and the RenewCard is automatically reloaded for the duration of the recovery. Injured workers don’t have to worry about cashing a check or waiting for payment delivery- it’s all on RenewCard.