Provider Payments

Claims processing in today’s world is more complex and more costly than ever before. Workers are experiencing more severe injuries and the recovery duration is getting longer.

With multiple claims and EOBs to process for healthcare providers, payers are finding that manually processing payments is an expensive, time-consuming endeavor.

DataPath’s Provider Payments simplifies and streamlines the payment and EOB distribution process. Since it is a virtual payment method, Provider Payment reduces fraud, payment errors, processing fees, and high administrative fees. It also utilizes a secure web portal which ensures that the required EOBs make it to the provider. Providers receive payment immediately and payers can reduce their administrative burdens.


  • Centralized provider payments
  • Attach EOB/EOR to any payment type
  • View claims and reimbursement history
  • Direct EDI with claims system
  • Secure, role-based access tailored for your organization