Transit Accounts

DataPath Transit132 is a commuter benefit solution which can be part of any employers’ benefits package. Our commuter benefit plans simplify transit and parking benefit administration with monthly limits functionality and optional mySourceCard linked debit card.

With Transit132, you can administer the following:

  • Parking Expenses Conversion
  • Parking Expenses Reimbursement
  • Transit Pass and Vanpooling
  • Expenses Conversion
  • Transit Pass and Vanpooling Expenses Reimbursement

Simplified Claims Entry and Submission
Participants can enter and submit claims through DataPath’s integrated online claims entry system and receive faster reimbursements. Our ClaimsFax feature matches faxed claims to claims forms within the system.

State-of-the-Art Mobile App
Enable participants to view their accounts, monitor card activity, and manage personal information using DataPath’s myRSC app,
available for both Android® and iPhone®.

Convenient mySourceCard
Provide commuters with a convenient way to pay for transit expenses by offering the mySourceCard debit card. Plus, the claims paid using the mySourceCard are auto-substantiated at the point of purchase, greatly reducing the claim processing workload and incidence of “pay and chase.”

Accessible Legal Forms
DataPath’s Transit132 includes Adoption Agreements, Plan Documents, and Summary Plan Descriptions for your transit plans, which were created and recommended by industry-leading legal consultants.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Provide date-sensitive claim administration to ensure compliance with monthly limits
  • Generate mail-merge letters through integration with Microsoft Word
  • Customize reporting or use our standard system reports