COBRA and State Continuation

DataPath’s COBRA solution is a recognized leader in the administrative world. Widely regarded as the Best-in-Class by industry veterans, our system has been chosen by many of the largest COBRA administrators in the country, who have abandoned their prior systems in favor of ours.

We listened to the real-world needs of TPAs and developed a system with seamless functionality, including schedule-based notice generation, comprehensive account reconciliation capability, automatically monitored COBRA-related events, time-frame tracking, and legal compliance reports.

Our Premium Billing solution also provides full-featured State Continuation administration with easy setup wizards, flexible importing, integrated cash management, and state-of-the-art fulfillment services.

DataPath Billing Solutions address important concerns such as these:

  • "Billing plan setup can be complex, and enrollment takes a lot of time.
  • DataPath has simplified the billing plan creation process by providing users with setup wizards and the ability to easily import census, benefit, qualifying event and payment data. Employee and group census data may also be imported from other DataPath solutions.

  • “Each of my employer clients has specific needs. Additionally, I have to keep track of numerous HR changes.”
  • With DataPath Premium Billing, you can create custom controls for the needs of each employer. You can also receive notice of new hires, dependents, address changes, coverages, and qualifying events through our online portal.

  • “Cash management is overwhelming with so many incoming and outgoing payments.”
  • DataPath’s integrated cash management enables you to track all payments received and remitted, create checks, and issue refunds to participants. Process payments by credit card, auto-draft, and checking or savings accounts through our online portal.

  • “I have to be able to bill to and record payments from third parties.”
  • Our simple, straightforward “third-party payer” feature allows an entity other than the named policyholder to be invoiced for premiums. Specify the third-party billing entity during account setup, or create as needed per benefit being billed. Receipts can be identified in the system by the actual payer, allowing any subsequent refunds to be made to the payer rather than the policyholder.

Billing Solutions Features and Benefits

Intuitive Interface

  • Perform status changes from one screen
  • Utilize easy undo function to reverse rate changes, qualifying events, elections and terminations
  • Simplify batch processing of letters and reports

State-of-the-art fulfillment services

  • Generate documents and notices automatically per event timeline
  • Store documents digitally and on the web
  • Print original documents on demand
  • Receive proof of mailing

Accessible web portal

  • Access your account, 24/7
  • Make online elections
  • Communicate, report, and interface with employers and employees

Other benefits

  • Automate compliance
  • Choose from multiple delivery options, including web posting with email notification
  • Submit CSV or Excel file formats