Ben Robbins, CFC

Ben Robbins, CFC, CAS Director of Sales, DataPath Administrative Services

Ben Robbins began his formal career in consumer driven healthcare when he joined DataPath in 1997.

Informally, though, given the company's beginnings in the basement of his family home, he had been involved in the CDH industry in one way or another for years by that point and began participating in industry trade and educational events long before actually joining the company.

After nearly a decade of working in various company departments to build and enhance his expertise, Ben moved into sales and put to work his extensive knowledge of plan structuring and design to assist DataPath clients operating in the CDH marketplace. In 2009 he became sales director for DataPath Administrative Services and has helped guide the subsidiary to tremendous growth while cementing our relationships with the Arkansas insurance and employer communities.

Ben is Certified in Flexible Compensation (CFC) and as a COBRA Administration Specialist (CAS) by the Employer’s Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC).