Business Analyst - Software Development

Business AnalystSoftware Development

Position Reference Number: 93876928

Job Description

DataPath is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of a Business Analyst - Software Development.

The Business Analyst is the critical nexus connecting all stakeholders of any business development project within the DataPath organization. The Analyst works with business resources within the company (e.g. executives, managers, sales representatives, customer service personnel) as well as business interests external to the company (e.g. customers, suppliers, strategic partners, and end-users). The Business Analyst has the primary responsibility to identify, analyze, validate, specify, verify, communicate with and manage the real needs of all development project stakeholders.

The Business Analyst will work closely with a product manager to translate business requirements into functional specifications. The Analyst will work with internal project managers to launch the development of their requirements; educate the developer and QA teams on the requirements and to produce product documentation while assuring that all areas pertaining to the competence of the Analyst are in accord with DataPath production procedures and processes.

Business Analyst - Software Development  position is located either at DataPath, Inc. corporate offices in Little Rock, Arkansas or at any remote location in the United States.

Desired Skills and Experience

The preferred candidate should have knowledge and skills in any one or more of the following business areas:

  • Health care insurance claims and provider payment processing
  • Health and welfare benefits administration with both internal user and external vendor interrelationships
  • Debit card and/or banking transaction processing
  • electronic payments (NACHA/ACH)

Any of the following experience(s) or combination thereof would be desirable:

  • Knowledge and experience in creating user interface (UI) mockups and/or wireframes
  • Experience in technical writing with a focus in the areas of functional requirements and use case creation
  • Knowledge and experience in the development of insurance claims payment or reimbursement procedures and processes
  • Knowledge and experience in healthcare claims processing
  • Knowledge and experience in workers' compensation claims processing 
  • Experience as an analyst embedded in a software development team focused on products and/or services that are a technology solution in the delivery of governmental insurance benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans benefits
  • Familiarity with regulatory and compliance issues as they relate to insurance claims payments
  • Experience as a business procedures analyst in a banking or insurance environment

About this Company

Since 1984, DataPath has worked closely with its clients to create powerful software solutions that administer healthcare benefit plans and insurance payments, including FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, Transit Accounts, and Premium Billing arrangements such as COBRA, Retiree Billing and more. DataPath also links healthcare and workers’ compensation payments to its proprietary debit card solutions through provider payment processing for insurance companies.  Privately owned, DataPath controls the end-to-end production chain for its products.

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